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Mary x Odell 2024

Mary & Odell have partnered with Simply Asoebi to provide you a secure and effortless way of purchasing your asoebi for their wedding.

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Mary x Odell 2024
Mary x Odell 2024

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07 Jun 2024, 23:50



Hi All,

All asoebi orders include free UK delivery and will be delivered in our custom boxes directly to you!  


Please ensure you have purchased your asoebi by Friday 7 June 2024. After this date, no more purchases will be allowed.

Please note that this purchase is a pre-order and all asoebi orders will be delivered directly to the address you provide. Expected delivery dates start from July 2024. You will receive an email to notify you once your asoebi has been shipped.

If you purchased a sewn asoebi option, we will be in touch by email to collect the required measurements and design for your outfit. Please keep an eye out for this as it is essential and without measurements we will not be able to fulfil your order. Expected delivery date for sewn outfits are from August 2024.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact Simply Asoebi directly ( or visit

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