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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the cost of the Service package include the cost of the asoebi?
    Our service packages only cover the service fees i.e., the cost for us to carry out the service on your behalf which includes sourcing fabrics, setting up a website for guest purchases and also packaging and delivering all the orders. Guests will be expected to pay for the asoebi themselves through our website.
  • What is the process of having my asoebi planned by Simply Asoebi?
    We handle all the logistics involved in the asoebi process - so that you don't have to! We source fabric options for you to choose from based on your specifications, set up a website for guest purchases and then deliver each asoebi order directly to guests. For a full process breakdown, please visit How It Works.
  • Do you offer tailoring services?
    It's very important to us as a brand to ensure that the fabrics meet our quality standards and therefore we can only offer tailoring when the fabric has been sourced by us. For ladies, we offer tailoring services for brides/celebrants only. However, our menswear tailoring services are available to grooms, groomsmen and guests who purchased their asoebi through our services.
  • How expensive are your asoebi boxes – what can my guests expect to pay for their asoebi?
    Our asoebi is priced very competitively with asoebi packages typically starting from £85 for the ladies and from £65 for the men for typically 5 yards of fabric. Final cost will vary depending on the fabric chosen and whether additional accessories are included e.g., gele, feather fans, canes etc. All asoebi orders include free UK shipping and a complimentary gift from us.
  • How many fabrics will I be shown to choose from?
    Once we have gathered all the details we need from our initial online consultation, we will begin sourcing fabrics for you. During the following consultation, we will present three options per fabric required e.g., if you need two different types of fabric, we will provide 3 options of each fabric to choose from. Our priority is making sure that you are happy and confident in the fabric you have chosen to be your asoebi.
  • I am not sure how many of my guests will be needing asoebi, can I still use your service?
    Of course! Our Silver and Gold packages cover up to 50 and 100 guests respectively, so there is no need to know the exact number of guests purchasing asoebi and there is no additional charge if less guests purchase it. If you require our services for more than 100 of your guests, just let us know during the consultation and we will provide you with a custom quote for our services.
  • I only need asoebi for a few people, is there a minimum number of people I need in order to use your service?
    Absolutely not. No matter how small your party, we’ve got you covered! If you have opted for a smaller wedding or only want to have asoebi for your bridal party sorted, you could get our full Gold package for a discounted price with our Mini Package (covers up to 20 guests). Find out more here.
  • I bought my own asoebi fabrics, can you help me to deliver the orders to my guests?
    We don't accommodate the sourcing of fabrics by clients for us to package. We have a dedicated team who works hard to source beautiful options that match our brand's style, client's specifications and pass our quality standards.
  • Do you provide an express service?
    Yes, we do. If you book with us in under three months of the wedding date (we aim to have all asoebi delivered at the very least one month before the wedding), this will be considered an express booking. For this, there may be an additional fee, which can vary.
  • How long between placing the asoebi order and delivery?
    For each client, we set a purchase cut off date by which all guests should have purchased their asoebi boxes by. The time between the purchase cut off date and the delivery date is usually 4 weeks, but that is determined by a lot of factors. This can be sooner for expedited services where the wedding is very close.
  • My question wasn’t covered here, how can I get in contact?
    We are happy to answer quick questions on the website chat! Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out our contact form, here.
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