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About Us


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Simply Asoebi Founders (From left to right: Nwanne and Moyo)

Even though both of us have been born and raised outside of Nigeria, we take great pride in our rich heritage. Maintaining traditional cultural values and practices is a matter that is close to our hearts.

For those of us living in the diaspora it can be hard to maintain the bright, beautiful and abundant elements of our culture, especially when planning our traditional engagements. While we can all appreciate the beauty and excitement of an African wedding, we all know the stress that can lay behind the arrangement of a traditional ceremony.

For too long have we relied on expensive trips back and forth to our homeland to transport that prized asoebi. As if that wasn’t enough, we all know the added stress of getting those oh so important payments from family friends. Those payment promises I’m sure have left many out of pocket.

Time for a change? We think so.

Simply Asoebi source high quality and unique materials and work with you to select the best options for your guests. We handle payments directly and deliver the package right to your guests’ doorstep. Our team hail from a range of professional and cultural backgrounds equipping us with the skills to serve you and help your vision come to life.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to transform the narrative behind buying and selling asoebi.We want to start the movement of making traditional weddings a more luxurious experience by offering a sophisticated and seamless asoebi purchasing experience for our clients and their guests. We are here to make asoebi worries a thing of the past!

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