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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning Asoebi For Your Wedding

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Sequins or no sequins? Subtle or loud? When it comes to planning your asoebi, the options and decisions that need to be made can feel endless.

But before you even begin thinking about the styles of fabric you want for your asoebi, there are 3 key questions that once you have the answers to will make a HUGE difference to your asoebi planning.

So here are our top three things that every bride-to-be should consider BEFORE planning asoebi for their wedding!

1. Did I Choose My Asoebi Squad Wisely?

There's a saying that goes

'A word is enough for the wise'

We cannot stress enough how important having the right people as part of your asoebi squad is! Typically in Nigerian weddings, you, as the bride, are ushered into your wedding reception by your asoebi ladies, so, as you can imagine, they need to bring the energy and excitement for your grand entrance!

The entrance of the bride is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of the day, and will definitely be nerve wracking for brides who don't usually like to be centre of attention. There’s nothing worse than dancing in for your big day and you’re greeted with an awkward silence and a few friends beside you two-stepping. Having your girls support you and bring the energy and excitement will definitely help calm nerves and help you enjoy the moment.

The beauty of asoebi girls is that they can serve as an extension of your bridal party, so you can have as many of your family and friends as you want. However, some couples do choose to leave their asoebi open to whoever wants to purchase their fabric, which makes for nice group photos - the more, the merrier right?

Whether your asoebi ladies are an extension of your bridal party or not, everyone should be given the same memo: bring your A-game on the wedding day!

Likewise for your groom and his groomsmen/asoebi men - the right people are key to the overall enjoyment of the day.

2. Can People Afford My Asoebi?

Budgets - no one really likes them but they are so necessary, especially when planning anything wedding related! A good thing to bear in mind is that on top of purchasing the asoebi fabric, your guests will also need to pay a tailor to get their outfits sewn. You don’t want to go through all the effort of choosing asoebi for only 3 of your guests to be able to afford it.

Similarly, not giving your guests enough notice to purchase asoebi poses the same problems as having expensive asoebi; people may not be able to afford it in time for the wedding as they were unable to spread out these costs.

Your budget will determine the types of fabrics you will be able to choose from

There's probably no need to reach out to ALL of your guests, but asking your bridesmaids will give you a rough number to work with. It’s always best to ask what the maximum amount they would be willing to spend is, as many are unaware of how costly fabric can be.

At Simply Asoebi, quality is fundamental to who we are and the brides who come to us know that our fabrics are on-trend and unrivalled in quality. Our asoebi boxes start from £75 for women and £65 for men, which includes free UK delivery directly to each guest.

3. Can I Handle All the Logistics?

Whether you are sorting out the asoebi for 8 or 80+ guests, there will be logistics involved in the process which you have to take into consideration when planning your asoebi.

How will you source the fabrics? Collect the payments from your guests? and sort out the delivery or collection of the asoebi once they purchase?

One option is to delegate some of the logistics to your family and bridal party but if you don't want to burden them with the task of sorting out the asoebi and you don't have the time to do it yourself either, or just want the whole asoebi experience to be a stress-free luxurious one then our service is for you.

Our service packages are set at a fixed price so it makes it easy for you to budget it into your wedding planning costs. We start with taking your vision and ideas for your asoebi and using them to source the best fabric options from our network of trusted vendors.

We have access to an inventory of fabrics which are both high quality and exclusive to the UK market.

We take care of all the logistics involved for you and sort everything from sourcing fabrics right down to delivering every asoebi order to each of your guests in our breathtaking signature boxes.

Simply Asoebi is the new and modern approach to asoebi buying and selling and the perfect solution for brides who want to set their wedding apart and add a touch of luxury and exclusivity!

Secure your initial consultation with us here and find out more about our service and how we can help you execute the perfect asoebi for your wedding.

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