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Our Love Story

reecie & corey

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Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in concrete? Well this is our love story proving nature is law. It learned to walk without having feet, funny it seems but by keeping his dreams it learned to breathe fresh air - Pac


And so He came and watered my flowers 🌺 tending to my thorns even though they pricked him but He kept on trimming, kept on pruning the layers away

so one day He may see His flowers bloom from concrete

waiting for the day that He may pick them.

And so it became

on that sunny day in June 2021

He knew it was time and so He picked the prettiest Rose 🌹of all He inhaled the scent of its essence

carried it inside

put the Rose in a vase

To show the world His pride

This is OUR LOVE story

A Rose that grew from concrete

Sometimes the most Beautiful things have yet to be seen

it takes water love and care but the gardener is the MOST important part of the pair.

for His job is not easy

He must always have patience day after day night after night Showing tender loving care

He works His soul Bare

watering, raking and trimming the tree

He knows what has not yet grown

with his dedication is all the seed needs

To create something beautiful and flourish,indeed who would have thought from just one seed.

He knows when he opens his eyes and behold his prize it was worth every hair you see.

Cause sometimes We’re the dirt and other times we’re the flowers 🌸

But in both times life is moving and the universe is working to help grow your garden and flowers from just a single seed 🌱

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