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At Simply Asoebi, we have a dedicated team ready to handle the asoebi process every step of the way.

 Our UK-based luxury asoebi service is designed to make your event planning effortless and stress-free - from streamlining fabric choices and handling guest payments to seamless delivery to all guests, we handle every detail, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Asoebi is a Yoruba word which loosely translates to ‘family cloth’. This matching fabric traditionally worn in the Yoruba culture, is used to identify special groups connected to the celebrant at events. The custom has grown in popularity over the last decade and is now practised by various countries across the African continent, as well as in the diaspora.


At Simply Asoebi, we've partnered with some amazing asoebi vendors and manufacturers from around the world to make sure our fabrics are always top-quality, on trend, and unique.


With our background in sourcing and selling fabrics, finding the perfect one for you is our passion project.


Ready to start your stress-free asoebi journey?

Book your initial consultation with us today!

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Our Service

A Modern & Stress-free Approach to Asoebi



We will source a selection of fabrics for you to choose from based on your preferences and budget



Guests may also have the option to purchase sewn asoebi* 

All fittings are done virtually, making the process super convenient
* subject to availability



Share a unique link with your guests where they will be able to purchase their asoebi online



Each asoebi orders is hand-packaged and delivered in our signature boxes directly to all guests

Uzoma & Joe, UK, 2022

Where do I even begin with these ladies, right from the very first consultation until our final consultation the whole experience has been amazing! The fabrics they sourced for our guests and bridal party were so exquisite, and they were in love with the packaging, we loved the packaging!

Everything about this vendor is just so professional and honestly I will sing and continue to sing their praises to everyone make sure you book them, do not carry last!

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